Joan Jett

Distillers Fans

Tyler Childers

Rudy De Anda

Howard Wiley of Extra Nappy

Billy Idol

Andrew St. James


Gio Benedetti of The Brothers Comatose

Jonathan Russel of The Head and the Heart

Ty Segall

Jerry Hannan

House of Mary

Kim Deal of The Breeders

Tyler Williams of The Head and the Heart

Jonathan Childers of Blank Range

Matt Jaffe

Karli Helm of Pllush

Greg Hoy

Julien Baker


Kurt Vile

Vaughn Lindstrom of Diego's Umbrella

Hank Maninger of Nashville Honeymoon

Joseph Arthur of Arthur Buck

Takaaki Mino of toe

Jessica Pratt

Matt Quinn of Mt. Joy

Soul Ska

Dana Lindstrom of Milk for the Angry

Mattiel Brown of Mattiel at Cafe du Nord in San Francisco by William Wayland

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